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in and assess their damage. we have information from fema for a contact number. we are moving along >>shepard: what is the thinking on when your people might be able to get settled again with businesses open and school back in session? >>guest: our best bet is based on the electric frist but our best bet is school on monday. people will probably not move back in their houses for a month or so. the flooding was extensive. the little film of muck and mire that coats everything will cause them to throw most of their first-floor belongings out. >>shepard: i have seen that theme reported in new orleans and it is absolutely in fun. when can people come in and aset? >>guest: we got word from the governor's office to file with fema using an 800 number to file and then you can get an okay to go in and take out debris. >>shepard: i remember a month after the storm, katrina, on the mississippi coast, speaking with the mayor of a small town down there where for a mile inland everything was rubble. he started to tell me, our problems now are mental. walking around in this, living in this, not being able t
this region. new york city and surrounding areas bracing for what could be an 11' storm surge. >> fema personnel or working with state and local governments do make sure that food and water and emergency generation is available for the communities that will be hardest hit. >> on the east coast of our nation a lot of people are enduring some very difficult times. our hearts and our prayers go to them as we think about how tough it will be. >>shepard: the president and governor romney have canceled events because of the storm. nasa shows hurricane sandy approaching the united states with tropical storm force winds extending almost 500 miles from the center. that is the biggest storm that ever hit the region since records have been kept. combined with high tide and a full noon and to other weather systems that the be part of this weather system and we are watching history in the making. this storm is going to come ashore sooner than we thought. it will come to sure more quickly than first forecast. with all of that if mind we have coverage with rick on the northern shore of new jersey and
the day of the fuel leak. no one else has been here. have not heard from fema or the coast guard. it is puzzling. i understand there are worst case scenarios at the beach but it is amazing that nothing has been done here. >>reporter: things are changing this hour, with the homeland security secretary here on staten island and will tour staten island and speak about the help the people will be getting. >>shepard: you can know about what you can see and so many cameras were in brooklyn and queens and in manhattan but there were not that many on staten island which got crushed. it was lethal. >>reporter: it was. they got hammered. almost half of all the deaths, 41 deaths city-wide and 19 here in staten island and that figure will probably go up. among those who died, an off-duty new york city police officer was taking his family members including a again month infant to the attic to keep them safe and he went down to the basement and got electrocutes in the floodwaters. another tragic story, two young victim as 2-year-old and a four-year-old, were with their mother in an s.u.v. and
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)